We specialise in the production of drilling tools in the ferrous metallurgy industry

Since 1968, GRABER Srl has been providing its customers with ferrous metallurgy accessories in many countries around the world.

Being ahead of the curve regarding the continuous evolution in the market, GRABER Srl focuses on the flexibility and dynamism of its servicestrong>, investing heavily in innovative technologiesstrong> and highly qualified personnel.

The special manufacturing process which creates tubes from solid billets permits GRABER Srl to meet even the most demanding orders on a "just-in-time"strong> basis while still retaining high-quality standards. Our technical department is available to customers to develop optimal solutions, even in the event that custom sizes and dimensionsstrong> are required, and provides solutions with very short lead times.

Advanced technology

Certified quality

Respect for the environment

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Our products

We have been manufacturing drilling tools for the ferrous metallurgy industry since 1968

Drill BitsForged, microcast or in tungsten carbide.



Drill barsRound, hexagonal or special profiles.



Soaker barsCustom dimension


Chuck Bok

Shank couplingsSemi-automatic, keyed or threaded.


Hammer Shaft

Hammer shaftCreated to design



Milling cutters - Core drillsStandard or with custom profiles.


Ball Check Valves

Ball check valvesMachined from billet.


Injections Lances

Injection lancesWith custom widths.


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Why choose us

GRABER is not only a supplier but also reliable partner in the development of new tailor-made solutions.

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What you get

High-quality products, designed down to the smallest detail, created with respect for the environment and high-quality standards

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